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About Us
Bilkish is an organization providing Credit & Debt Recovery Services to various financial institutions and telecom companies with a representation across 13 countries across the globe and 22  strategic locations across India.

Established in 1991 in Mumbai, the company has evolved into a company with a proven industry experience.

Bilkish specializes in credit  verification and collection services across a host  of global and financial institutions.

The core business includes:
  • Expatriate Recoveries
  • Contact point verification
  • Intelligent name matching through a state of an art  software
  • Human Resource Consultancy Services
Key benefits:
  • Strength emanated from experience of over 20 years
  • Representation across 13 countries and 22 regional offices across India.
  • Emphasis on quality assurance
  • Human Resource Consultancy Services
  • Continuous fresh and innovative approach to organized recovery and credit services
  • Customized propriety Collection management system.
  • Continuous training modules covering all aspects of credit and recovery
  • Certified personnel across the globe.
  • Centralized Units for streamlined activities and reporting  patterns across regions.
  • Centers equipped with state of the art technology to ensure faster TAT for the customer
  • Elaborate non disclosure agreements in place for absolute data security.
  • Always adapting to the changes to sustain the competitive advantage in the technical leadership.
Our vision is to be the recognized leader in debt collection and credit services spanning the globe through an integral network of likeminded individuals working under core values of Integrity and transparency and systematic and organized collection and credit processes.